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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Do You Brew Bad Beer?

If you are a homebrewer, the answer is probably "yes".  Now don't get mad, it's the truth.  As homebrewers we just don't have the time to perfect a hobby, especially as one as fluid as brewing.  Lots of variables to consider, ingredients, temperatures, all sorts of shit.  It's cool, I'm not judging you.  Not much, anyway.

For years now, listeners of The Brewing Network have been asking for a way to send us their homebrews and get our opinons on them. We tried this a few times, but it just didn't fit well within our format.  For whatever reason, I have been thinking of a way we could start to do this again.  There are plenty of beers that need help out there, and plenty of brewers that don't have access to qualified beer judges.

Eventually, I came up with the concept of a new show that would call out for listener submissions, evaluate the beers, and offer suggestions on how to improve.  We'd pull the brewer on the air to give us details on their beer and to find out exactly what they want to know.  Think of it as an interactive BJCP score sheet.

Knowing I couldn't do this on my own, I reached out to two very nice, very good-looking guys - Mr. Brian Cooper and Mr. Lee Shephard - both of whom are BJCP judges and know what it takes to make a good beer.  Together, we form "Dr. Homebrew"!  Defender of your beer!  Or some such business.

Now to the point: we need beer.  If you have some beer that has flaws, please contact me.  It could be an off-flavor you need help pinpointing, or perhaps you can't score higher than a 35 in competitions - Dr Homebrew can help you.  Send an e-mail to jp@thebrewingnetwork and I'll get in touch with you.

This is your show, folks.  We are just here to look good.  And to drink.  Both at the same time.

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  1. Great idea. I hope it takes off as a show as fault finding can be a really hard processes. Especially in your own beer.

    And who says the BN doesn't talk about homebrew ;-)