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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Another Million-Dollar Idea From Me to You

I want to make a porno called "The Sisterhood of the Droppable Pants".  In it, these friends - or probably sorority sisters, cause that hotter - would be all conservative and prudish.  One day, one of them finds these Hot Pants at a thrift store and buys them.  She wears them out one night to some shitty party and turns into mega whore - blowing dudes, scissoring, what-have-you.

Then she goes home and doesn't tell her sisters about it.  One night while she is out, one of the other girls goes in her closet and finds the pants, and she gets the same experience.

This happens like 5 times, each girl not telling anyone it happened.  Then in the end scene, they talk about it and laugh like true sisters would.  Then they all make out.

Im sure it needs some work, but for the most part, that's a shootable story.  Just give me 10% if you make it.