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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Both of my hens are now starting to lay eggs, though one is firing them out more often than the other. Lucretia is being a bitch, while Butterworth is quietly going to town, providing me with about an egg a day.  Awersome!

They have been eating mostly pellet feed - a mishmash of vitamins, plant protein, and whatever else chickens eat (souls?), and I wanted to give them some other stuff to eat as well.  Some digging around and I found this rad chart from backyardchickens.com that has what to feed them and what not to feed them.  It's good info and can really be summed up to this: birds will eat most anything, so don't give them things you wouldn't eat yourself.  In case you like details, here's the link to the Chicken Treat Chart.  

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  1. will eat more or less anything but steer clear of giving them meat. Also make sure you give them some shell grit (or something like it) they need plenty of calcium for the egg laying and as the have a crop (a pouch like thing in their neck that helps grind up food) they need something abrasive.

  2. I was nervous of that, but their shells are pretty sturdy - moreso than store bought ones.