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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Chicken Update

More than a few of you have been asking for an update on my chickens, and I haven't been doing one simply because my birds are boring.  They hadn't laid eggs, all they do is get fat and eat - until a few days ago when one of them finally popped out their first egg!

We had been having this new issue, where the girls would knock their water feeder around so hard it would spill all the water out, which meant we would have to fill the stupid thing a coupe times a day to ensure they had enough water. On New Years Eve night, my girlfriend goes out to water them and comes back yelling "Egg!"  At first I thought she was making an inappropriate but hilarious joke about her egg, but then I caught on and ran outside with her to see the most glorious sight - a small brown egg lying in the dirt.

I grabbed it (it was still warm!) and we skipped inside to check the thing out.  Up until that point, the birds had been with us since the first part of May.  Hens are able to being laying around their 22nd week, but some can take up to 10 months, not to mention most shut down egg production during the winter.  So we were sort of getting used to not seeing any output from them, which is why the egg got us more excited than it should have.  Plus we were drunk.

After a debate on if we should eat it ( I wasn't sure if the first egg would be some nasty warm-up try or not), we cracked it and dropped it into a pan.  The aroma was strong, much more so than the "cage-free organic" eggs we currently buy.  It's hard to explain, but it was almost musky smelling.  Farmhouse-like.  And the flavor was intense!  Unlike any egg I have had before.

Then - two days later, another one!  Same size - small - but it was an egg!  Proof that our birds are doing something, which is all you really want after months of buying feed, giving them treats like worms and things, cleaning up their poop.

Mrs. Butterworth and her egg.
  Anyway, that is the latest from Chicken Town.  I have the second egg in the fridge, waiting for Saturday morning when I can fry that sucker up and truly enjoy the second most expensive egg I have ever had.

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