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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Awkwardness in Modern Times

So I'm at my local BJ's restaurant waiting for my friends to arrive. Of course I'm at the bar waiting for a table to open up because I never thought that the new place in town would be busy three days before Christmas, especially not if it's attached to the mall .... I'm a thinker.

Anyway, I'm scanning the bar tables, hoping one opens up, and I see one that looks promising - a family polishing off their drinks. The problem is that in my field of vision there is some lady in a mustard shirt, who is facing me, so that every time I look at the table in hopes that new family is getting up, I end up starring her right in the mustard. And she looks at me. Each time. It's a very awkward thing.

- Posted from an undisclosed location, not far from a beer.

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