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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ramen Tests - An Introduction to pain

Being broke, out of a job, and a bit of a masochist, I've recently turned back to eating ramen noodles.  Reliving memories of downing two Cup o Noodles in a sitting during my high school days, I figure this will be a nice tasty journey for me.

Then I remembered 99 Ranch Market had opened up in my town.  Being the keepers of all things Asian and tasty, I headed there for my ramen revival.  The wall of dried noodles with small packets of chemical flavorings and oils made me weep openly, for I have completed my quest.

At any rate, here I am, with a cupboard full of various flavors of ramens and a whole lot of free time.  So with each one I eat, I'll post my thoughts and feelings about it, along with a photo, so that you can join me along my path to some other sort of physical aliment.  

Aren't I nice?
High blood pressure, let's be friends ...

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  1. Dried noodles, bleah, they used to go by the name of 2 minute noodles here in Australia. Ate way to many of them at boarding school and uni to really look at them favorably again.

    Happy noodleing JP