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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Love Those Pearly Yellows

Today I bought some toothpaste.  I had been out of the goopy shit for three days, and realized it was time to actually remember to go to the store when I caught myself rooting through my trash for the mostly empty old tube to squeeze what life I could out if it and onto my brush.  Kind of sad, when you think about it.  But man, did it ever feel great to scrub my teeth!  Sometimes you miss the little things in life when you are just too lazy to provide yourself with them.

What bothers me a bit about shopping for toothpaste is the 800 choices we as free Americans have.  Do I go with the activating bubbles, or is the stripe down the middle really the best?  How about the intense foaming action?  Maybe the tartar control with whitening.  Kind of makes my anxiety flare up, and I stop myself from heading down to just grab some baking soda and use that instead.  Worked for our grandparents.

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